Sonia Menendez

Star Factor Coach

Sonia Menendez - Star Factor Coach​Sonia Menendez recently retired from the New York City Dept. of Education after a distinguished educational career as teacher, staff developer, assistant principal, principal, local instructional superintendent and Community Superintendent for District 10. As an instructional leader, Mrs. Menendez focused her energies on supporting schools in attaining instructional coherence where curriculum, instructional opportunities, pedagogy and assessment were aligned to improve student outcomes. For over thirty years, Sonia Menendez was a dedicated member of the New York City public school system. Following her tenure as Assistant Principal at P.S. 46, she accepted a position as Principal of P.S. 310 in District 10, a SURR school that as part of a Corrective Action plan had been reorganized into 5 small learning academies. As the instructional leader of P.S. 310, Sonia Menendez worked tirelessly with a team of administrators, teachers and parents to transform the school into a nurturing community with a shared vision and clear direction in improving the quality of education for all students. This focused teamwork led to the school being removed from SURR status. As principal, Sonia Menendez also served as Principal Coach giving her the opportunity to work collaboratively with her colleagues in the study of school improvement.

After serving as instructional leader of P.S.310 for seven years, Ms. Menendez became a Local Instructional Superintendent (LIS) and Superintendent of District 10. In this role, she established support systems for Principals and Assistant Principals creating opportunities for school leaders to engage in reflective practice, observe and share “best practices” in their schools. Sonia Menendez holds a Masters of Science degree from Hunter College in Bilingual Education and an Advanced Certificate in Administration and Supervision from City College of New York.