STAR Factor Coaching: The Approach

At our core, we offer a distinct approach to leadership development that is a blend of training, coaching, group work, and mentoring, as needed. Our methodology draws from theoretical models such as adult learning, coaching theory, positive psychology, self psychology, motivation theory, and systems thinking. This psycho-educational approach enhances leadership skills with a focus in emotional intelligence skills and competencies. 

Anchored in research, STAR Factor has the unique advantage of providing leaders with the tools they need, so they can improve performance and obtain their desired outcomes.

 “We understand the weight of leadership and its impact. Our research-based and tested approach builds trust in an environment that encourages leaders to grow through self-reflection and deliberate use of emotion skills and experiences. By effectively supporting individual change, we support organizational change.”

– Janet Patti, Co-Creator

The STAR Factor Coaching Model For Developing (EI) School Leaders

We coined the name of our model “The STAR Factor Coaching Model” after hearing our friend and mentor, Daniel Goleman, refer to leaders who are high in emotional intelligence as star performers, the best of the best. The added dimension of EI continues to separate out the successful leaders who are good from those who are great.

The model of executive coaching development builds upon the Goleman framework of emotional intelligence leadership: self-awareness, self-regulation, social- awareness and relationships management and the utilization of specific emotion skills—recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate derived from the theoretical Salovey, Mayer ability model of emotional intelligence and espoused by The Ruler Approach at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

The Approach: The Specifics

  1. Our blended model of mentoring and coaching program for leaders allows them to invest in deep personal learning and needed ‘in the moment’ mentoring. We do this because our coaches are selected from the same or related field to the client.
  2. We concentrate on transforming leaders into star performers, by using their emotional intelligence.
  3. We rely on a partnership approach model, building the field by aligning with community members of similar interests.
  4. Within our organization, we bring coaches together to build upon their knowledge and practice. Their unique experiences and perspectives create a more emotionally intelligent community.
  5. We recognize the importance of bringing leaders together in the community to provide the social connection they need to improve upon their own well-being
  6. We recognize that each coach and client brings their different perspectives into the social training and individual coaching environments based on race, culture, gender, and socio-economic factors. 

STAR Goals And Principles

SYSTEMIZE individual and organizational purpose and values that embody social, emotional, equitable and ethical development.

TRANSFORM self and others through continuous self-exploration and development of collective efficacy in a trusting environment.

ANCHOR every action and interaction with equitable, ethical, social and emotional insights.

RESPOND and lead with the highest level of emotional intelligence, integrity and cultural competence.

Leaders who work with STAR Factor Coaching develop leadership styles that spark positive change within themselves, with their teams and throughout their organizations.