​​Elevate Your EI Skills with Series Two: ‘Continuing Education’ at STAR Factor Coaching

Welcome to Series 2 of our transformative continuing education program at STAR Factor Coaching. 

Building upon the foundational principles and skills developed in Series 1, our Series 2 training offers an advanced and tailored education experience for individuals and groups seeking to further enhance their coaching and leadership abilities.

Who is Series 2 Continuing Education for?

  • Those who have successfully completed Series 1 and are eager to continue their professional development journey.
  • Individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of coaching methodologies and leadership strategies, and those desiring to extend their educational experience with a focus on practical application and skill refinement.
*** Our series 2 programs is available for individual one on one training or in groups

What Series 2 Continuing Education Offers

Our Series 2 goes deeper into the ‘GROW’ model that is used in many positive psychology coaching approaches. It includes the following:

  • Seven New Modules: Covering a range of advanced coaching and leadership techniques such as establishing goals, examining obstacles, and establishing will.
  • Client-Driven Sessions: Providing opportunities for in-depth exploration and practical application of coaching methodologies. Sessions will explore positive thinking, communication, motivation, the Joharis window, flow, to name a few.
  • Groups and Facilitation: An opportunitiy for coaches to act as facilitators in a group setting allowing further growth in active listening, questioning techniques, introspection and more.
this is what STAR Factor Coaching looks like during social and emotional learning training

What To Expect:

One on one training sessions are usually one to one and a half hours long.  

In group settings, sessions usually run 2 hours long and consist of five to eight sessions with a facilitator.

Group coaching employs a facilitator who is skilled in managing a group’s dynamic, not just the ability to coach. Training for group coaching involves practice not only in effective questioning and advanced listening techniques but it also requires the ability to read the individuals in the group as well as the group’s identity. Furthermore, the facilitator has to also review their own feelings so as not to interfere in the group’s process.

The group then will continue on its own.

Why Choose Series 2 Continuing Education?

Series 2 Continuing Education aims to provide a platform for sustained growth and development for individuals and groups who have completed Series 1. 

It offers an advanced and tailored approach to continuing education, empowering participants to refine their coaching and leadership abilities and succeed in their professional endeavors.

How to Get Started:

To enroll in Series 2 Continuing Education, participants must have successfully completed Series 1. 

Whether you’re an individual seeking to deepen your coaching expertise or an organization looking to enhance the leadership skills of your team, our dedicated coaching team is ready to guide you through the next phase of your professional development journey.

Ready to Elevate Your Skills with Series 2 Continuing Education? Contact us today to begin your journey of continued growth and excellence in coaching and leadership.