Leading With Emotional Intelligence

STAR Factor’s model was designed to enhance the social and emotional skill sets, as well as leadership skills to promote optimal learning and developmental skills within schools and organizations. Anchored by the experiences of former leaders and the frameworks of emotional intelligence from experts such as Dan Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, Peter Salovey and many others, principals, superintendents, CEOs and the like – can shape the culture of their institutions.

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About STAR Factor's Emotional Intelligence Leadership Coaching Programs

What started off as a joint interest in creating professional development opportunities for leaders turned into a collaborative initiative between educator, Janet Patti, and psychoanalyst, Dr. Robin Stern to develop a coaching model that resonates with the needs of these leaders at their level of leadership.

Janet and Robin realized that leaders need support for their well-being as well as a positive development in emotional intelligence capacities to navigate both calm and challenging times. After all, the paths set by these leaders trickles down- affecting teachers, nurses, and employees. 

With their combined expertise in education, emotional intelligence, psychology and mental health, the creation of an individual and team coaching model for leaders called STAR Factor coaching was formed. Janet and Robin both believe that great leaders – principals, superintendents, CEO’s and the like- can shape the culture of their institutions, inspiring other members to promote optimal learning and development with the help of emotional intelligence–And with the help of STAR Factor Coaching, these leaders can lead with emotional intelligence. 

Emotional Intelligence For School Leaders

by Dr. Janet Patti & Dr. Robin Stern

STAR Factor Coaching is proud to introduce their groundbreaking work, ‘Emotional Intelligence For School Leaders’, penned by experts Dr. Janet Patti and Dr. Robin Stern. This book acts as a beacon of knowledge and guidance for K-12 school leaders, underscoring the significance of social-emotional learning (SEL) in their leadership roles. Patti and Stern, with their cumulative expertise spanning four decades in SEL and leadership training, present an enriching blend of contemporary research from education and psychology. Their work advocates for the incorporation of emotional intelligence in leadership practices, thereby manifesting the myriad advantages of SEL-centric professional development for superintendents, principals, and budding school leaders

Personal And Professional Development for Leaders

Unlock your leadership potential with our unique, researched-based Emotional Intelligence (EI) training and coaching

STAR Factor Coaching catalyzes leaders and coaches to build self-awareness and use self-regulation to improve relationships, performance, and decision-making.

Leaders who work with STAR Factor Coaching develop leadership styles that spark positive change within themselves, with their teams and throughout their organizations. By choosing personal, professional development, leaders begin with themselves and then encourage others to build their emotional intelligence skills, leading to a creative, flourishing organization.

An Educator
Coaching provided me with opportunities to reflect on my emotions and socio-emotional needs of my teachers and students.
A Leader
Coaching gave me time to reflect on emotional issues and how to handle them professionally.
An Employee
I loved having a thought partner who helped me realize my potential.
A Superintendent
This coaching and training is at the very top of my professional development experiences. Personal and professional in scope, and directly applicable to my life and my work. Well done!
A Principal
I had a difficult conversation with a teacher. I was able to take a moment and attempted to understand. Following this I used proactive language to help her understand how children were not first in what she was asking.

“My hope was that organizations would start including this range of skills in their training programs – in other words, offer an adult education in social and emotional intelligence.”

-Dan Goleman

STAR Factor Coaching’s Proven Model And Approach For (EI) Leadership Training

Our research-based methods and services are designed around you and your team. We cover a wide range of services, please connect with us to determine your best method.

Below are some of the methods we include in our approach:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EI) Consulting to meet the needs of the organization
  • Training for social and emotional skills and leadership competencies
  • Individualized coaching
  • Emotional intelligence coaching for organizational teams
  • Institutes and keynotes 
  • Peer Coaching 

STAR Factor’s approach is separated into two parts: 

1) A series of training sessions that dives into the theoretical constructs of emotional intelligence. This portion serves as a foundation for leaders to gain emotional knowledge, and practice in emotion and social skills that impact decision making and creativity.

2) Individualized coaching, including practical and situational application of emotional intelligence. Through experiential coaching, leaders then reflect on their strengths and challenges derived from data assessments. Our data assessment uses research based behavioral competencies that reflect what an emotionally intelligent leader can look like.  

STAR Factor’s approach helps leaders set aspirational goals to not only succeed, but make their visions a reality.

Resources And Articles For The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

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How To Build a Community of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

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