Sandra Carter

Star Factor Coach

Sandra Carter - Star Factor Coach​With over 30 years of experience in Education in England, UAE, China and the US, Sandra Carter is a Star Factor coach, guiding school leaders to hone their skills in the theory and practice of emotional intelligence. In particular, Sandra enjoys working with Middle Leaders to develop emotionally intelligent leadership skills in preparation for the next level of leadership.

Sandra qualified with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence in July 2009, whilst working as a Vice Principal in a large secondary school in Kent, England. The school, under the leadership of Chris Gerry, saw the development of emotional intelligence as an essential tool in school improvement. The RULER approach was used across the school, with both staff and students.

As a senior school leader, and previously as a middle leader, Sandra has helped a vast number of teachers to focus on development pathways that they have been very active in designing. This also means that she has an exceptional understanding of cultural differences and takes this into account when coaching.

Sandra is a firm advocate that the academic content that we teach in schools is just a small part of the overall requirement to develop well rounded, confident and resilient learners for the future workforce. Helping teachers and leaders to work towards this same ideal is Sandra’s passion.

After many years of Senior Leadership, Sandra has started her own small business to allow her to concentrate on those passions that can lead to overall school improvement.

Sandra believes that healthy relationships are at the core of school improvement and her style of coaching the STAR Factor model will ensure that candidates are at ease and in the best position to investigate creative, emotionally intelligent solutions for growth.