Dr. Migdalia Maldonado-Torres

Star Factor Coach

Dr. Migdalia Maldonado-Torres - Star Factor Coach​Dr. Migdalia Maldonado-Torres is an Executive Leadership Coach and an experienced consultant serving organizations and individuals especially in leadership development. She served in the New York City Department of Education. Dr. Torres served as Director of a bilingual school and Principal of elementary schools for 22 years. During this time, she was also a Mentor Principal providing workshops and school visits for other principals. Dr. Torres was the Project Director of the Leadership Development Initiative where she was liaison to the United States Department of Education and participated in extensive leadership training citywide. In addition, within the NYC Department of Education, she was a Local Instructional Superintendent of elementary and middle schools, as well as a Senior Achievement Facilitator which included School Quality Reviews. In this role, she also worked with principals and their inquiry teams in 19 different schools utilizing the NYC Department of Education’s accountability tools.

She is founder and CEO of Insight for Leaders, LLC which offers executive coaching and consulting services in leadership development, strategic planning and team building. Dr. Torres has provided supervisory and instructional support to school leaders.

She is currently coaching superintendents and principals on emotional and social intelligence with Star Factor. Dr. Torres firmly believes that the professional learning of leaders isn’t complete unless it includes emotional and social intelligence.

At Harvard University, Dr. Torres has been a member of the summer faculty at Harvard Principal’s Center Summer Institute.

Dr. Torres earned her doctorate in Education from Fordham University. She has been an Adjunct Professor in the Graduate School of Education there. She also holds a Professional Diploma in Bilingual Administration from Fordham University and a Master of Science in Education from Hunter College.