Ife Lenard

Star Factor Coach

Ife Lenard - Star Factor Coach​Ife Lenard holds two Masters from Columbia University, one in Clinical Social Work and the other in Educational Leadership, and a B.S. in Human Ecology from Morgan State University. Ife currently works as a Strategic Coach to school leaders, Professor to graduate students, and Staff Developer to educators and clinicians.

Before that, Ife was a School Leader for over 12 years, as a Dean and then a Principal, in high-achieving, high performing schools, Pre-K – 8th grade. She started her career as a school-linked Social Worker before moving into education teaching biology and physics. Her service-leadership has created schools and programs that build relationships in a different, more human way. They embrace wholistic development for staff and children alike. Ife Lenard’s commitment to intentional spaces and practices is evident in her work.


B.S., Human Ecology
Columbia University

M.A., Clinical Social Work
Columbia University

M.A., Educational Leadership
Columbia University


Interesting Facts

I used to teach biology and physics.

What I love about coaching: I enjoy being a catalyst to promote, develop, and support school leaders with the goal of providing successful pathways and transitions for their school communities