Team building is an essential part of any organization. Today’s leaders lead with authenticity and thrive on establishing a healthy work culture that encourages teamwork and collaboration. With a supportive, motivated team, you can inch closer to the organizational goals rapidly. Team building activities for employees can help you in this endeavor.

Here are 4 team building activities you can try to boost your team’s spirit at work:

#1 Tied together

This activity promotes teamwork and develops active listening and problem-solving skills among employees. You only need a few cloth strips or shoelaces, and you’re good to go.

Ask your team members to create a circle while standing facing each other. Now, tie their ankles to their neighbor’s ankles and ask them to complete a task within a time limit. It can be anything from wrapping a present to a group walk.

See them doing things together and develop collaboration while having fun.

#2 Blind drawing

Another excellent activity to promote collaboration is blind drawing that requires two people to work in sync to finish the task.

Divide people into small groups of two. Give a picture to one person and a pen and paper to the other. Ask the first person to elaborate it to the other and get it drawn on the paper without precisely defining the picture.

For instance, if a man is eating a burger in the picture, the person cannot say “a man eating a burger.” This activity develops leadership skills in the person guiding the other person and improves communication.

#3 Suddenly

It is one of the most efficient team building activities for employees that can prepare your team members to face new challenges arising in projects all of a sudden. The best part is that you require nothing to conduct this activity.

Ask your team to stand or sit, creating a circle. Pick a famous story and narrate the first three lines and say “suddenly.” As you do this, the person sitting next to you will again continue the story to the following three lines and pass it on. Keep everyone thinking and listening while teaching them how to face challenges they come across suddenly.

#4 Flip it over

If you’re looking for a more creative option with minimal preparation, this one’s for you. Get a tarp of the size of a table cloth and build teamwork and problem-solving skills in a fun manner.

Ask your team members to stand on the tarp and flip it without getting off the tarp. Want to make it more challenging? Ask them to use their feet only!

This game makes the participants look for creative ways to perform a task together. As you see, all the team members have to make sure that none of them gets off the tarp.
In a nutshell

An organization thrives when its team members work in sync and come together to achieve a common goal. To ensure this, it is essential to develop effective practices that keep employees engaged and motivated at work. The above team building activities for employees can help bring your team members closer and develop essential communication and interpretation skills.